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Welcome to the website of Excel Rigging Services

We specialise in:

  • Telecommunications rigging, construction and installation.
  • Communication structure inspections

Excel Rigging Services commenced trading August 2009.  A small partnership enterprise that collectively has over seventeen year’s telecommunications installation, maintenance and construction rigging experience & knowledge. 

Experience and knowledge includes the construction, maintenance and recovery of structures (guyed and free standing masts, towers, triads, spengels, steel, concrete and timber poles, roof and wall mounts, street cells/LNAs).  It includes the excavation of sites, pouring of foundations, assembly and installation of structure extensions, mounting bars and head frames.  As well as assembly and fault repair of connectors and feeders, cable running and terminating.

We have been employed by Telstra, NDC and Transfield.  Project Managed for Aussicom Installations.  Sub contracted for Tricomms NSW/QLD, Top End Communciations Rigging NT and HVAC for Ergon Energy.

Excel Rigging Services takes safety seriously.  Training and updating skills is paramount.  We believe in continuous improvement through learning, reviewing and development.  With experience instructing in Brunei, Malaysia for Shell Petroleum staff, writing and delivering courses in Banksman (Dogman), Rigging & Slinging, Maintenance & Inspection of Equipment, Forklift and Overhead Travel Crane.

Current works include a sub contract to Silcar for Telstra’s national ‘Inspection & Routine Maintenance’ (I&RM) program.  Installations for community radio and local council.

Excel Rigging Services is able to provide...

  • Efficient and experienced CANRAD operation ( 7 years experience )
  • I&RM and CAM project processing ability, inspection and auditing knowledge.
  • Proprietary database systems to run an inspection program or any similar project.
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